Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am in the mood to bake

Last night DH (Dear Husband) and I went to the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Santana Row.  If you are not familiar with Santana Row, it is a ritzy shopping center.  Some stores include Gucci (my fave), Burburry, Juicy, etc.  The ceremonony was okay, and they had American Idol contestant Thia Maggia perform.  She has an amazing voice and she is a beautiful girl.  After the performance she passed right by us, we were starstruck. 

Anyhow, let me get back on track.  As we were getting ready to leave we passed by Kara's Cupcakes and purchased a pumpkin cupcake.  We didn't get to try it until we got home later that evening.  Well let me tell you...I was disappointed!  I first tried the frosting and it was yummy.  Then I got to the cupcake itself and it was not very good.  The cupcake was dense and was bland.  I know I can make a better cupcake than that, and the challenge was on.

So the plan is to find the perfect cupcake recipe.  There are so many recipes out there.  Should I cheat and make a semi-homemade cupcake (Real Simple Pumpkin Cupcakes) or should I make them from scratch.  Decisions, decisions.  I still have a few days to decide since I'll be making them this Saturday.  DH has to work all day so in addition to getting my Thanksgiving shopping done, and watching Breaking Dawn (Eeek) I will have plenty of time on my hands.

Will keep you all posted...

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been a year

So I realize that it has been nearly a year since I blogged.  So what are my excuses?  I really have no excuses!  Why oh why did I neglect my bog?  Woe is me.  So I promise that I will try to post more regularly, especially with Thanksgiving coming up in two weeks. 

Oh how I <3 Thanksgiving.  I must say this is my favorite holiday.  Why?  Well obviously because I have a lot to be thankful for.  Yes, things could be better.  I could have a bigger house, more money and be 30 pounds lighter, but overall I have a great life and wonderful husband and family so I am thankful for those things.  Secondly, I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I've been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since I was about 13 years old.  Yes, 13 years old.  Thanks in part to a mother who was MIA most of the time, I learned to cook Thanksgiving dinner. 

My menu now is more complex than when I was 13, and I am glad for that...LOL.  I used to put pickles in my stuffing...don't ask me why.  So what is on the menu this Thanksgiving?  Well this is what I have so far:

- Cheese and Crackers
- Pear and Bleu Cheese Tarts
That is all.  I'm am trying to keep the apps light.

- Red Mashed Potatoes with BACON
- Corn
- Roasted Green Beans w/Slivered Almonds (because the hubs has to have almonds with his green beens)
- Alton Brown's Best Gravy (I've been saving a bottle of Charbono for this)
- Brown Sugar and Nutmet Carrots
- Orange Cranberry Sauce
- Savory Stuffing w/Sauteed Mushrooms (another request from the hubs)
- Cornbread Stuffing (because it would NOT be Thanksgiving without it)
- The Roasted Good Eats Turkey (Oh thank you Alton Brown!)
- Spiral Ham (Still need to find a good glaze recipe)

- Pumpkin Cheesecake

I hope this will be enough food for 15 people.  My aunt is also bringing rolls (since I can't bake rolls to save my life) and Martineli's Apple Cider.

Well, that is all for the day.  I will be sure to post an update soon!